Benefits of mobile clear glass whiteboard

Mobile clear glass whiteboard is a kind of mobile whiteboard which can be used in lecture, meeting, and other places that need a whiteboard. The main difference between this mobile whiteboard and others is its capability to support wireless connection with ebook reader/tablet PC which is used as the main interface device. Therefore, this product can enjoy multi-user sharing and collaboration.

Benefits of mobile clear glass whiteboard

  1. Easy to use

A user can use this mobile whiteboard without learning how to write on a whiteboard. The key is the interface device, which can be used in both traditional way (touch screen) and also this kind of new product.

  1. Multi-user and multi-device support

This combination of writing on the screen and using a stylus pen enables different users in a meeting room to write on the same screen simultaneously. It allows multiple presentations at the same time, with users using different hardware devices (e.g., desktop PC, tablet PC). Besides, it allows even more users to be viewing while these presentations are taking place.

  1. Shareable whiteboard environment

It allows an entire group to work simultaneously on the same board, providing a distributed whiteboard to suit both the classroom environment and collaborative team-based learning. The mobile cloud server software is simple and easy to use, it supports an unlimited number of users and can be accessed at any time, anywhere in the world.

  1. Reliable and compatible hardware

The hardware is tested and proven to be compatible with mobile devices, tablets, ebook readers and other products of this kind. This means that the existing internet infrastructure will be easy to incorporate into this mobile whiteboard environment. There is no need for any physical configuration or special settings.

  1. Wide application

This product is suitable for both regular classroom and team-based learning. In the classroom, this whiteboard can be used to support collaborative learning and help students to learn how to use a shared environment. It can also help teachers to integrate a new technology in their current teaching styles, which will result in more effective teaching and learning.

  1. Convenient and innovative equipment

There are two types of stylus pens that can be used with this whiteboard. One is a traditional (conventional) stylus pen like the ones in tablet PCs. The other one is a new style of pen which contains both a transparent LCD touch screen inside the pen tip. This kind of technology is not new but it has only been used in some high-end electronic products, such as LCD watches and songbird cameras. It has never been used in education before now. The transparent LCD touch screen enables users to write by just drawing on the screen while they can still read what they have written -a very convenient way to draw on a whiteboard.

Mobile clear glass whiteboard as a product itself has a new innovative design, a user-oriented interface device, and a broad range of applications in various learning scenarios. The device can also cooperate with various new features such as intelligent learning software, cloud computing service, etc., while maintaining all the traditional functions of pen-based paper writing systems via pen input technology (e.g., Pen Tray).