Things to note about timeshare mis selling claims

Timeshare mis selling claims is a term used to describe when a person who was pressured into buying a timeshare and then realizes it’s not the right decision. These people may feel stuck with the timeshare because they cannot get their money back, or worse if they do get their money back then there are fees. The law, the BBB, and other resources have been put in place by governing bodies to help those affected through any difficult time that they may encounter.

There have been many different stories of those affected from this mis selling claim and what has taken place as well  due to poor communication by company representatives promising resort vacations that never materialized.

The purchaser will first need to decide if the timeshare mis selling claim is a good fit for them. There are many things to consider before taking on this type of case. The most obvious being that they must have bought the timeshare, and now are regretting it. If they haven’t bought it then there isn’t much that can be done because the company can change their mind at any time and relist or sell the property or unit. The purchaser may need to show proof of purchase which will include a copy of the sales contract and any other contracts that were signed. They need to be able to show that they were pressured into the decision, or in some cases charged for misrepresentation about the timeshare unit.

One of the best resources for finding if you have been affected by this type of timeshare mis selling claims is through timeshare exit companies such as American Timeshare Services Inc. These companies often review the files and do research on behalf of those who may want to file this type of claim. They can help determine if there has been any misrepresentation or fraud during their dealings with those representing the company. The company may assess the file and then provide a step by step plan of actions. This can include having a plan of action in case the timeshare is ever relisted and sold, or if they ever want to sell the unit back. The purchaser will need to follow through with all of the steps provided by this type of company as it will include purchasing an attorney who will prepare their claims if they decide that they want to pursue litigation.

The company that you are getting help from must be authorized when filing with consumer fraud and other product liability claims. In order to file these type of cases with the BBB, you must be a part of their Business Recovery Service. There are attorneys on staff that work directly with the BBB to help resolve any type of complaints.

There are other timeshare exit companies that handle these claims and help the purchaser. In order to be considered for this type of help you will need proof and documentation from when you bought the timeshare as well as all other servicing and maintenance that were done through the company, your real estate agent, buyer representative or escrow officer. All correspondence from these individuals may be helpful if they were trying to collect a fee for any type of servicing or maintenance work being done on behalf of the consumer who purchased a timeshare.