SAT Tutoring – Everything You Should Know

SAT the short form of Scholastic Aptitude Test is one of those exams that bring a lot of stress to most of the youth and parents in the United States. And that’s because the SAT is one of the most prominent exams that one has to pass after school to get admission to universities and colleges across the country. The SAT is therefore treated as a common entrance exam, scores from which are used to determine a student’s eligibility to the colleges and universities of their choice. Let’s know more about the structure of this exam in detail.

What does SAT comprise?

The SAT exam is a multiple-choice type exam that is conducted by the College Board. It is a pencil and paper test that is used to measure the preparedness of a high school student. The scores from the test act as a common point of comparison that is used by colleges and universities across the country to compare all the applicants and determine their eligibility. Admission Officers in the colleges will compare your SAT scores along with your High School GPA and all other kinds of recommendations, letters, certificates, etc before deciding on your eligibility.

This exam comprises Math, Some Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and an optional Essay section. It is a 3-hour exam for the two compulsory sections and if you take the essay section it takes an additional 50 minutes. The score for each section is 800 and the highest score is 1600. For the optional section containing the essay, you are provided a separate score.

Why SAT tutoring is so Important?

The importance of this all-important entrance exam is thus clear. And as a parent, you cannot take any chances of leaving it to your kids to prepare all by themselves. Proper guidance and the right approach of preparation are crucial in making sure that your kid gets good scores in this exam. Hence, you must look for qualified tutors and let them handle this task of making your kids ready for this exam. With SAT tutoring, your kids will get the right kind of information they need and not something that is irrelevant to them. Moreover, with tutors, they can get all their doubts and queries clarified through experts right when they appear rather than keeping them parked for later. As such, getting a tutor is far better than DIY methods of preparation especially in entrance exams such as this.

Finding the Right SAT Tutor

Now that you know how important this exam is and that SAT tutoring is the only best way of preparing for this exam, the question is where to find the right tutor for your kid. You will nowadays find a lot of trained and experienced SAT tutors with their profiles listed online. Go through some of the best profiles and select a tutor best suiting your preparation needs.


The importance of the SAT exam is undeniable and hence ensuring that the young high school boys and girls are prepared to take this test is important as well. And hence SAT Tutoring for your kids is imperative. Contact a Tutoring Services provider near you today for details.