Here Is Something Interesting You Need To Know About Engraving

Are you one of those people who finds it a very amusing art of work whenever you see things like jewelry, modern notebooks, and sports trophies? You are in the right place, as below is the written information that will not only be entertaining for a person like you but will also provide some useful information. We don’t believe anyone can give you the same combination as that.

So in an attempt to help you know what is the engraving and its process, here is everything served for you, so read on.

What is Engraving?
Engraving is a process in which incising tools are involved and used to make a design on a flat hard surface. In other words, it is cutting or carving a text or a design on a surface of a hard object. This is one of the oldest methods of printmaking.

You might have also seen the work of engraving in your house as it is used for decorating various objects. With the help of copper, nickel, gold, silver, bronze and other metal components engraving were and have been in use to print images on paper usually called paper prints, mapmaking, books, and magazines.

The term “hand engraving” refers to the engraving that does not include printing plates but rather handmade items like jewellery, knives trophies, handgun, and other metal objects.

Tools For Engraving
Engraving needs accurate and steady handwork. But without fine tools the accuracy is useless. That is where burins come into action. Burin or graver comes in different sizes and shapes, it is a hard steel made instrument to cut the design into the surface.

Burin is responsible for providing clean edges and as a planned appearance. Then there is a flat bottom tool like Florentine liners to create shades in large areas, ring gravers are the tools used for in scripting words inside the ring. Knife gravers provide deep cuts and line engraving, round gravers, square or v point gravers to cut straight lines.

Besides these tools roulets, burnishers and mezzotint rockers are used to provide texture.

Chemical Milling Or Chemical Engraving Process

Engraving on metals, was a very old traditional technique which was altered by etching to which people often confuse themselves. The etching is a process of using acid and mordant to cut the metal surface and create a design in the metal.

The etching helped in developing the chemical milling process. It is a process of etching chemicals to remove the material and create a deliberate design and shape. And for the chemical engraving process below are some points to keep in mind to ensure the quality of the output.

Here is a procedure that should be carried out that can be applied in both etching and engraving techniques to bring out the desired end product.

  1. Cleaning the metal – The mandatory step is to properly clean and ensure that the metal surface that is to be etched or engraved is free from impurities.
  2. Masking – Maskant is a substance that does not react to other chemicals that is why it is used to etch or engrave specific areas of the metal surface.
  3. Scribing – With the help of a needle or scribing knife, the maskant is removed from the areas that is to be etched or engraved.
  4. Etching Or Engraving – Now the metal surface is ready to be etched and engrave. The acid and mordant or burin and gravers come into play.
  5. Demasking – It is the final step of cleaning the etched and engraved parts with the help of distilled cold water. And other used substances are removed from different methods.


Make sure you don’t confuse the process of engraving and etching. Both are a step by step process but the products, tools, component, and method used is slightly different. We hope the article written above is helpful for expanding your cerebrum.