What You Need To Know About Shower Doors With Design On Glass

Are you planning to build a new home? Or maybe you just want to renovate your bathroom. You should consider having shower doors with design on glass. Specifically, you should consider having a shower door with an etched glass design. This is a relatively new trend when it comes to bathrooms.

You can consider it as the ultimate bathroom upgrade. The etched glass will give your bathroom a more elegant look. Taking a shower will definitely be more delightful with an etched glass shower door. And since this type of shower door comes in a variety of designs, for sure you’ll find the one that will best compliment the overall theme of your bathroom.

These shower doors with design on glass are compatible with any glass door or panel. So if you have an existing glass door in your bathroom, for sure you’ll be able to turn it into an etched glass shower door. It doesn’t matter if your shower door is fixed, sliding, bi-folding, or hinged, it will work with an etched glass door.

And as mentioned earlier, you can choose from a variety of designs. The panels to be used will be adjusted to the size of your bathroom. And before etching the design to the glass door, the glass company shows how your new shower door will look.

Most of the designs are inspired by patterns and scenes found in nature such as trees, leaves, the ocean, etc. Some feature geometric patterns and offer a modern and minimalist look. There are also designs that are a throwback to classic aesthetics. The choice is yours to make depending on your preference or mood.

If you want a more stunning effect, you can even LED lights to the edge of the glass. You can choose from white light or a multicolored one. You’ll surely be mesmerized every time you’ll take a shower. And if you have guests coming over, they will surely be fascinated at how cool your shower door is.

If you’ve been to high-end hotels before, then you’ve probably seen these shower doors with an etched glass design. But the good news is, it is now available for home use. You can now have an elegant-looking shower door that will definitely boost the value of your home.

Just imagine how it would make you feel to take a shower while being surrounded by a true work of art. If there’s one upgrade you can do to your bathroom that will instantly turn it into a first-class washroom, then it’s definitely having an etched glass shower door. It’s an investment for your bathroom that will yield a good return.

Choosing the right glass company is essential if you want to have perfect shower doors with design on glass. If you’re from the UK, you should consider Go Glass. It’s a family-owned business that was established in 1978. Go Glass has done etched glass shower doors for a variety of clients, including offices, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, and even airports.