Things You Never Knew About Duct Tape

One of ducttape’s most famous roles was providing a ferroalloy surface for the magnetic tape used in the Apollo space program. Without duct tape, astronauts would have been unable to record their lunar explorations onto magnetic tapes.

Duct tape has also helped keep ducts ducted – it approves of ductwork and can give flexibility to our ducts. Ducts are often made out of metal, which is not at all ductile by itself. Just think about how difficult it is to bend a piece of iron wire with your bare hands! Now imagine that you have to stretch that wire across the ceiling or along the wall and then curve it into hundreds or even thousands of intricate curves! With duct tape on hand, ductwork is easily ducted.

But duct tape has been used in more ways than will ever be known – a lot of things have been duct-taped together to make a unique creation. The Mars Rover Curiosity’s wheels were even made out of duct tape! But no one thought to take photos before it rolled off to the Red Planet… so once again, you’ll have to use your imagination.

Many famous politicians, including President Obama and Kim Jong Un, enjoy using ducttape; there isn’t any difference between them (other than personality.) At least they agree on duct tape!

If duct tape isn’t used for ducts, what are the other functions of ducts? Ducts are primarily utilized to duct heat. If you live in a hot climate, duct tape is your friend, but ductwork could be frozen if you live in a cold one! But duct tape doesn’t freeze quickly – even Antarctica approves of duct tape.

Duct tape has found its way into outer space as well – it’s not just limited to Earth! Astronauts have even taken small rolls of duct tape with them on their journey to the moon – which was made easy by using their rocket-powered duct-taping device known as “The Space Tape.” The taped-up engines allowed them to reach speeds of duct tape, ducting them to the moon in (you guessed it) ducts!

Also, duct tape is a duct tape duct. Suppose you add ducts, ducts duct duct duct. This can go on forever because this sentence would then have infinitely many uses of the word “duct.” The only way this would stop is if it ends in a tie… so whoever wins will win by adding a new sentence ending!

Duct Tape has been used in the military as well – it’s not just for making your shoes waterproof or patching up torn pants anymore! Nowadays, battles are becoming more and more high-tech, which means that ducttape isn’t getting used nearly as much as during WWII. So what do soldiers use duct tape for now? Many things include repairing weapons and armor, duct-taping different items together to build a new weapon, or duct taping themselves to keep from being injured.

At this point, duct tape duc tapes ducting ducts duct by ducting the duct that was ducted by you get it. There is no more use for the word “duct” because everyone knows what it means by now! There’s only one more thing that can be done with duct tape at all: everything else.