The Aercus Weather Station

The Aercus weather station has been consistently rated for its unique features and reliable information. The Aercus weather station is a wireless device that can be successfully used for weather monitoring. The new device from Aercus is the first type of device to feature UV measurements and light measurements. This adds a new element to traditional weather monitoring. As a result of these recent updates, the Aercus weather station has grown in popularity as more customers are eager to try the new device. The device features customized alarms for a range of different weather conditions.

The transmission range for the Aercus weather station is approximately 100 meters. This is the line of range to the main unit. The main unit displays features such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and more. The main unit of the Aercus weather station is capable of storing up to 3 months of data. The device easily connects to PC for consistent access to the information. The device is constantly updating based upon current weather conditions. This is one of the best ways to ensure the information is properly stored for 3 months. The LCD backlight displays the outdoor temperature that is picked up from the sensor. The sensor also detects other weather features as well. The bar graph compiles the data from the past 24 hours into one complete graph. This makes monitoring and analyzing the weather simple and convenient with the main device’s LCD screen. The screen clearly outlines the information with clear digital numbers and percentages.

The wind sensor of the Aercus weather station includes wind speed, wind gust and wind direction. All of these customizable elements come standard with the device. This is another reason for the device’s popularity, especially for weather monitoring purposes. The device can also provide storm warnings as well. The device connects to PC via USB. The USB allows easy software download that comes standard with the device. The software makes it easy to track, download and chart information accurately. The software also allows users to conveniently upload the information to a local weather website in order to report on specific area conditions. This is a functional tool that can be used for a range of different purposes such as recreational weather monitoring.

The wireless sensors are able to successfully transmit data back to the LCD display without the need to reset. This is very important as it ensures longterm use. The device is reliable and accurate for daily use. The main goal of weather monitoring is to receive the most accurate information possible. This is possible with the use of the Aercus weather station. The Aercus weather station features indoor and outdoor temperate range. The temperature range is the best way to monitor the temperature as it changes throughout the day. Outdoor and indoor temperatures can change depending upon the time of day. The sensor can easily detect changes in temperature based upon the time of day and therefore accurately record it through the main device.