Review of Airlink – A Sensor to Measure Air Quality

In order to measure the particulates content in the outside and inside air and know the quality of outside or inside air an AIRLINK has been introduced by This device sends data to the cloud platform of this website so that the user can know about the quality of air he is breathing in immediately. This information becomes more important for you if someone in your family is sensitive to the quality of air in their home. It can also help in measuring the quality of air in workplace environments, in cities as well as places where wildfire usually happens. An Airlink can be used by everyone who breathes in the air.


Airlink can be set up indoors as well as outdoors in a protective case and powered by mains only to upload data through a Wi-Fi link to In a station linked with up to 3 Airlinks can be installed so that existing users of this platform can improve the performance of their weather stations. Moreover, new users can also build a new weather station to use the data sent by Airlink to know the quality of air in their surroundings.

The data is uploaded by Airlink directly to the platform of Davis which makes it instantly available on a web browser or phone but it cannot be connected locally to Weatherlink Live or existing consoles of Davis. However, by using CumulusMX, modern software used on local computers, a local API can be enhanced to show the data of Airlink in a short time.


The air outside or inside your home remains invisible, even if it is hazardous. One can get serious health problems by breathing in polluted air. Respiratory problems can be experienced by adults as well as children in such a condition.


Airlink can provide you easy to understand data through color-coded AQI and graphs after measuring particulate matter for PM1, PM 2.5, and PM 10. This information is provided by Airlink based on the small particles you can inhale and that can enter your bloodstream by penetrating deep into your lungs.


  • Airlink can be mounted on the wall as well as placed on countertop outside or inside any building
  • It can accurately measure the concentration of small particulates up to 0.3 micrometers with an accuracy of +/- 10 microgram per cubic meter
  • It provides real-time information on your computer as well as your phone after every minute.
  • It is used in many countries including the US, UK, South Korea, and India, etc. to get global AQI
  • It can send data to the Cloud of Davis by connecting to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Several Airlinks can be used to merge uploaded data easily with the station liked with or at as individual sensors.
  • It is ideal to get data on room temperature as it also includes a sensor for humidity/temperature.

Thus, AIRLINK is a durable and high-quality device to measure the quality of air inside or outside your building. Davis has offered a warranty for one year to ensure its durability and quality.