Learning the Art of Salami Making with Expert Salami Making Class

The SALAMI MAKING CLASS isn’t just another cooking class, where you learn about the practical and theoretical elements of breaking down an animal. Here we study the precious meat cuts and how to turn these into Prosciutto, Pancetta, and Capocollo.


The SALAMI-MAKING CLASS lets you learn all the essentials of salami-making art and create two varieties of Italian authentic Salami from the beginning.

With over many years of industry experience and making two authentic Italian Salami varieties from the beginning the salami cooking classes are perfect learning options for beginner and expert cooks as well.

Here experts share the essential knowledge with their passion for making authentic Italian salami while discussing all things meat, perfect seasoning, and curing art. All students take home a mature-aged version of what they produced in class for enjoying at the house.


  • The minimum class size is meant for accommodating 1.5-meter distancing
  • Follows strict hygiene measures
  • Class credit to people who are not good enough for attending
  • Less teamwork with a lot of available individual tasks


  • Tie back lengthy hairs
  • Put on Closed-toe shoes (ladies should avoid 6 inches heels)
  • Arrive early before time to make sure that class starts as scheduled (there are a lot of course contents!)
  • Save the environment and brings container for leftovers


Day 1: Curing the Prosciutto, Pancetta, and Capocollo

On the first day, you are taught about the precious and tender meat cuts and how you’ll turn these into Capocollo, Pancetta, and Prosciutto. You’ll know about:

  • How to dissect a pig
  • Selecting the appropriate livestock; skeletal examination
  • Selecting sausage and salami cuts. Choosing, mixing, and trimming the right fat meant for both.
  • How to cure Capocollo, Pancetta and Prosciutto.
  • An exceptional culture experience, these workshops have been aimed at novices and first-time markers or the ones wishing to get perfect skills.

Day 2: How to Make Salami

The authentic SALAMI-MAKING CLASS teaches hands-on salami-making art. Here you learn about the art of producing fresh Italian sausages, cured meats, and salami through conventional Italian techniques, methods with other age-old recipes.

Just like there are a lot of Italian regions, many Salami types are also there. Here you’ll learn how to cut the meat up and convert it into a take-home conventional Salami Sausage. After the day’s class is over, students become confident enough for making their house salami.

Besides regular salami preparation classes, these are also exceptional cultural experiences, all these workshops are meant for first-time salami markers and beginners who wish to polish their salami-making skills.

Expert chefs at SALAMI MAKING CLASS are passionate about sharing their knowledge. Year wide, the meat room represents various classes so it becomes easy for you and your friends to master and learn necessary salami-making skills in Italian style. After joining any of the classes, you also learn about everything you wish to know about butchering or sausage making. These classes are also fine for teamwork building events or other group bookings. It’s best to book early as the seats are generally quickly occupied.