GTC- Utility Connections Providers

Recently, there has been a call from the global community to develop and maintain Sustainable Development Goals and environmentally friendly development measures. The UK’s GTC is one infrastructure utility development group that delivers all environmentally friendly utility connections.

About GTC

GTC is the major house builder and provider of multi-utility connections in all building developments in the UK. The company use a combination of conventional technologies and a low carbon development plan to deliver the utility connection services. The GTC serves in owning, installing, and operating network infrastructure of the following utilities;

  • Heat networks
  • Electricity connections
  • Water connections
  • Gigabyte cable installation
  • Gas connection
  • Waste water connection

GTC is the best utility provider company that offers a creative and innovative customer-oriented approach and a single supplier solution in various fields, including; house building, land ownership, and asset adoption.

Services for House Builders

GTC is the leading solution provider for all house providers in England, Scotland and Wales through innovative and use of new technologies. The company supports the house builders in meeting their future heat requirements by helping them migrate from gas to more effective alternatives.

The company uses any combination from a single supplier in the provision of heat, wastewater, electricity, gas, water and gigabyte fibers utility. GTC works with all the best and leading house builders and developers to serve more than 1.6 million homes. Therefore, GTC understands the need to construct quality assets for its customers.

Services to The Residents

Your home is in good hands if it is on the GTC utility network. The company has been running gas and electricity connections since 1995 and is the leading independent provider in the UK. The company delivers reliable and trustworthy services in the installation of electricity, gas, wastewater, gigabyte fiber, and water. The main services provided to the residents are;

Compulsory Standard Services: The GTC complies with rules set by Often which is the industry that regulates Electric and Gas Industries and sets the GSOS Payments in case of loss due to not complying with these rules; the company pays the resident.

Gas and electric emergency: GTC provide the residents with safety advice to the residents in case of gas emergency, like turning off the gas meter, opening doors and putting off naked frames, and checking the trip switch for electricity. GTC also has a free phone National Gas Emergency Number for residence safety.

Services in Assets Adoption

GTC is the leading company in the asset’s adoption market. Being an independent and licensed company, GTC adopts utility infrastructure connections that are newly installed. The company adopts electricity, water, fiber, and gas from verified utility contractors.

Services in Land Ownership

Are you planning to increase the value of your land? GTC is your choice. Builders are accustomed to purchasing land fully installed with water, electricity, wastewater, and gas. GTC helps the land owners raise the value of the land by fully installing utility networks before land sales which increases the value of the land. GTC is your unanimous choice for the housing and building industries for the best utility infrastructure connections.