A better education for your daughter by St. Francis college

Are you a father for a girl child in your family? Are you eagerly waiting for admission to an exemplary school for your daughter? If so, you can approach St Francis College in Hertfordshire for a bright future. This school is offering world-class education to your daughter with the help of meticulous teachers and staff. St. Francis College is serving the public for many years with an excellent record. The school is outstanding among the crowd due to its top-notch education pattern and methodologies. The top-notch education system and techniques are helping the students to achieve the goals. St. Francis College is a day and boarding independent girl school.

The children are encouraged in all aspects by the college management. Their innate talents are nurtured so that they can become a talented person before they finish the education. They become a fully grown individual due to the care taken by the school teachers.

Unique education of St. Francis College

You could not match the quality aspect of the college with any other college in the city. The reason is that they give importance to both the academic and extracurricular activity talent of the student. Each student is given specific attention by the experienced staff. The students are given one on one mode of attention so that they become brilliant. Each student is given individual attention by the college management. The student can express their feelings and suggestions freely. They are given plenty of chances to develop their skills. Unique education system like debate system in the class, discussions with the expert and preparation for entrance examination make the student first rate.

Boarding facility

The girl students are given boarding facilities from year six onwards. The students are given full freedom to mingle freely on the school campus. Each student has a counselor for sharing their issues if any. The students are nurtured carefully to develop their social responsibility along with moral values. They are made to understand who are they and what challenges they have outside the world. They made to realize their goals, taught about ways available to chase their dreams with the help of a special coach. All the students are trained in a special way that they gain courage and skills for the tasks of any.

Alumni meeting

The past students of St. Francis College attend the meeting organized by the college as a part of the alumni meeting. The past students share the experiences they had after finishing college. The career opportunities are also discussed with the present students. This meeting has a positive impact on present students. The meeting is well organized so that both students gain a lot of knowledge through sharing.

Contact the authority

You can contact the college management either by phone or email. You can also contact the officials directly for admission. A short form is available online, which you need to fill in for contacting them. The college officials reply to you very shortly once you fill in the form. The authorities will call you for the admission task.