Cambridge to Stansted

Although there are many taxi companies that operate between Cambridge and Stansted you cannot afford to go in the first one that you come across – you journey can turn awry fast. You should always do your homework when it comes to hiring a taxi for a long commute. There are several things that you should look into before you hire a taxi:

• Make sure that you are working with a taxi company that goes to great lengths to keep passengers safe. You should look into whether the company has been involved in any accidents in the recent past. Check online but if you cannot find any information there you should not be afraid to ask the company directly.

• It is always best to hire a metered taxi. This allows you to pay for the exact distance you have travelled and not a penny more. That said, you should be careful about the route that the taxi takes – they take a longer route so that they can charge you more. Look on your phone GPS for the shortest route and let the driver know that is route you want them to take.

• A good taxi company ensures that all their vehicles are well maintained and are kept clean at all times. They also hire drivers who are competent and knowledgeable about their surroundings. Don’t be afraid to make small talk but don’t talk too much either.

• It is always better to book your taxi in advance. If you have any special requests, like the need for a car seat, or are travelling with a handicapped person you should let the company know so that they can make necessary arrangements.

One Stansted taxi company that you can rely on is Style Taxis. They have a large fleet that goes to many different destinations including Cambridge.

Net Curtains

Looking for home decor is both fun and challenging. Many love the idea of creating a new and fun look for their home that they can enjoy for years to come. The challenge comes from choosing the right product to complement your living space. There are many different choices to look into and it can seem overwhelming when there is so much selection. One of the most important parts of home decor is decorating the windows. The window is where eyes go the minute they walk into the home or if they are looking around and watn to see the view. Having appealing and attracive curtains can have a huge impact on how lovely the windows look and whether the entire appeal of the room is as good as it can be.

Net curtains are a popular choice for homeowners that want to showcase their windows and have a room look welcoming. They are often made of soft materials and have very lovely and unique designs. Many that love net curtains appreciate the style and design as they allow for light to come into a room and also for some privacy. Many net curtains have a bit of a sheer appearance and certainly are great for people that want to have natural light coming into the home. They are also excellent for trapping dust and allergens and that is quite helpful for those that have allergy issues or want to be able to clean easily. Net curtains are often made with various colors, patterns, and designs so that a homeowner can choose the ones that they feel will match the rest of the room and accomplish the functions that they need it to. Top companies offer these appealing window decor options in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles to appeal to all types of tastes and needs for the customer.

SEO Cambridge

As a Cambridge business owner, how seriously do you take SEO? Many owners of small and medium sized companies know that it is necessary to do SEO and yet it still remains largely ignored. If you want to dominate your competition you cannot afford to take this stance, and here is why:

• SEO is the only way that you can gain online visibility. It is the only way that you can get to the first page of search results. Users never look beyond the first few links so if your link doesn’t appear there it may as well not exist.

• SEO is cheaper than other marketing methods. True, you will have to pay an SEO company to do a campaign for you, but in the long run you will recoup your expenses many times over because your brand will become better known.

• SEO is a great way to build your brand – every time users search for relevant keywords they see your link and as it becomes more and more familiar to them they start turning to you whenever they need your product or service. Eventually, you will become a household brand.

• SEO is a great way to market your business locally. You will be able to reach those who are geographically close to you.

A Head in the Cloud is one of the best Cambridge SEO services. They have worked with many small and medium sized businesses with a high success rate. They are able to do more than just SEO – their overall aim is to ensure that their clients have websites that work for them. Together, the partners in the firm have more than 40 years experience with online marketing.


Pet heath care is expensive – the average annual bill is about £500 and that is if your pet is healthy. If it has health problems you can expect to spend a lot more. It makes sense, therefore, that you be proactive and get ahead of problems before they occur. One way to do that is to feed your pet Prozyme. It is a food additive that helps your animal break down food and extract all the enzymes that it needs for better health. While it is more effective in some animals than others, it is true that animals that eat food sprinkled with Prozyme tend to have fewer digestive issues. Here are the benefits of this powder:

• You will be able to feed your dog vegetables. Many dogs love to eat vegetables but unfortunately cannot digest them very well. The occasional carrot or celery stick can leave your dog bloated and uncomfortable and can even lead to diarrhoea. Prozyme helps break down vegetables and provide your dog with additional nutrients without bloating or other digestive problems.

• Many dogs regurgitate because they have sensitive stomachs – when they eat the food irritates the bowels and the body deal with that by forcing the dog to vomit. If your dog is suffering from this problem you can feed it Prozyme – it will be able to eat tough foods and they will be digested completely without any irritation on the stomach.

• Pancreatic deficiency is a serious problem that can eventually lead to death. If your vet has diagnosed your animal with it you can feed it Prozyme and other animal enzymes to eliminate or at least reduce the severity of the problem.

One of the best vendors of Prozyme in the UK is Europa Bioproducts. They have the genuine item and they sell at very fair prices.

Design Shoes

Shopping for brand new shoes is something that many women get excited about. There is just something fun about wearing a nice, comfortable pair of shoes. There are shoes for most every occasion out there. People often need them for work, for social events, and for simply walking around the neighborhood or the house. One of the most popular types for people to shop for are design shoes. Design shoes are those that are made by particularly famous and quality designers and that are known for comfort, beauty, and quality. People that want the best in comfort and style will look for design shoes over any other kind. Cheaper brands may cost less upfront but they usually come at a high price to the feet. Low quality and cheap shoes are usually poor for foot support and wear out really fast.

The key to finding the best in designer shoes is looking at great shoe shops. Many can claim to be a great shoe shop but that doesn’t mean that they are. It is important to read through customer reviews to see how good their experiences have been and also to find out which brands they are carrying to make sure they really are a good shoe shop that carries designer shoes that are worth buying. High quality and well-known brands and designers will be featured at top shoe stores and that means that you can trust that you are buying a great pair of shoes that will look and feel the way you need them to for your upcoming wardrobe. Whether you are shopping for a special event or a nice work outfit you can find beautiful and comfortable design shoes that will offer you everything that you need. Comfort and class together is the ideal experience for anyone that wears shoes as that means they will look great and keep the feet comfortable while walking around in any type of situation.

Marketing Strategies for Bars

It is important that your bar succeeds – it is your source of income and it has also cost quite a bit to get it to where it is now. In the UK this is not always very easy – there are lots of bars and pubs and the competition between them can be stiff. There are however some things that you can do to make sure that you get ahead and stay there. Start by talking to your repeat customers about what ideas you can implement that they think can attract more people into the bar. They will give you a series of ideas and it is up to you to go through them and choose the best and most affordable.

People are changing the way they consume advertising – today, if you want to get their attention you have to go through social media. This means that any specials that you have should be on your Facebook and Twitter account along with images. If you have a new drink for Happy Hour, for instance, take a picture of it and then announce that anyone who comes in and shows the post on their phone will get a complimentary glass. Your post will be passed along to many people and before long you will have lots of people in your bar.

Having food in your bar is another great way to help bring in more people – people like to eat when they drink so that they don’t get too drunk. You can have a caterer deliver food every day just before opening – this way you can focus on tending bar.

You can also hire a promotions company such as Quite Great to take care of PR for you. They have lots of experience in this area so you can be sure that they will have lots of great ideas.

Soft top repair kit

Tear, rips or leaks on soft tops of jeeps or convertible automobiles happens very often and unfortunately, many times when this occurs, we spend thousands purchasing a new soft top when there is an easier affordable option. With Stormsure soft top repair kit, you can say goodbye to rips and leaks in an easier, quick, effective and permanent manner.

Unlike other products, with the well elaborate labeling Stormsure repair kit has, one is able to buy the right content for their specific repair needs without any frustrations. This is made possible by the permanent adhesive which is waterproof and highly flexible since the tape will not peel off or lift

Rips and leaks from fabrics such as PVC and canvas can be done easily since Soft Top Repair Kit has everything one needs to make repairs for their soft top. The kit comes with a sewing kit which contains extra-durable  ultra-strong nylon thread and heavy-duty sewing needles, Aquaseal repair adhesive and seam sealer, Tenacious patch repair Tape, a thimble, seam ripper, gloves, brushes and more.

Other than repairing soft tops, Stormsure soft top kit can be used to repair cracks or cuts in flexible plastic window material, roll cage covers, roofs and seats, fix abraded areas where internal roof struts repeatedly wear on the fabric and fixing a leaking tent or a floppy sole on a pair of shoes . All this is made possible with two repair options: a sewing repair option and a no-sew repair option.

Before repairing, ensure both sides of the repair surface is clean by using isopropyl alcohol which will remove dirty, dusk and oils that may affect the bond on the convertible top. Secondly, cut off the threads on edges and ensures there is a straight line for bonding using a scissors after which you apply the tenacious tape which is included in the kit, over the area that is being repaired. When cutting the tape, ensuring that it extends at least 1”with round edges, beyond the rip, tear or hole.

Once fitted, smooth out the bubbles so as to ensure the edges lay flat then turn to the other side of the repair and apply/paint a thin layer of the Aquaseal adhesive, extending at least 1/2” in all directions of the rip, tear or hole. Finally, apply another piece of the Tenacious Tape over the Aquaseal adhesive, extending at least 1” beyond the damaged area as before with round edges and give the repair 24 hours to cure.


Welcome mat

Having a welcome mat at your front door is something that just about every home seems to have.  In fact if you don’t have one at your front door then your home would probably be the exception to the rule.  If you don’t have a floor mat at your front door then you are going to end up having people track mud, dirt, and other undesirable things into your home all the time.  So obviously you neet a welcome mat so it’s time to get one.  But what if you didn’t have to get a run of the mill welcome mat? What if you could get a welcome mat that reflected your unique style and tastes? Wouldn’t it be nice to differentiate your home a little bit from your neighbors? Well when you visit Cutlacks you will be able to choose from a wide range of different welcome mats so you will be sure to find the one that suits your home best.

Cutlacks is proud to offer a huge variety of options when it comes to welcome mats so you won’t have to get a plain and boring mat like most people have at their front doors.  They offer many different colors and designs, and also welcome mats that have printed messages on them.  There are also welcome mats with different patterns available, and welcome mats made from a variety of different materials.  In other words if there is an option available when it comes to a welcome mat then Cutlacks is likely to have what you want.  So when you decide you want to get a new welcome mat, or even your first welcome mat, then Cutlacks is definitely the first place you should head to.  When you walk into their front door their customer service experts will help you to make the right choice for your home.

How To Find A User Friendly and Reliable ECG Monitor


People are starting to use ECG monitors to keep a constant eye on their heart health. This has many benefits because the heart can be a highly unpredictable organ. They say that heart rate electrical patterns vary across people with a high standard deviation of difference. That means that each person’s heart function are about as unique as their fingerprint. With so many unique heart patterns amongst the population, continuous monitoring becomes even more important. This also emphasizes the need to find a monitor that is appropriate for you and your needs. This confers that choosing the correct monitor has a high effect on reliability and the capacity to make educated/accurate health inferences.

How To Use An ECG Sensor For Maximum Reliability

The fact that the use of ECG sensors growing is great for medicine and disease rates. However, most people have no idea how to operate these devices, much less interpret complex information. Also, people tend to struggle with picking out the correct monitor for their needs. Below is a simple two-step strategy for finding a user-friendly and reliable ECG monitor.

First, you must learn basic information about how these devices work. At first, finding the appropriate monitor can seem overwhelming. While this is typical, most patients are able to quickly learn if that have a monitor that is user-friendly. To accomplish this you must find a monitor that makes it easy to interpret results. For this reason, it is recommended to start off with a monitor that only displays the important information prominently and keeps it simple.

Secondly, you need to bring your monitor to your doctor’s appointments and make sure that you are getting the vital information that you need for the heart monitor to produce information that can be acted on. If a heart monitor does not monitor something that is specific to your health condition, then your doctor will recommend a different produce.


Preventative medicine is one of the hottest fields of medicine right now and is only expected to grow going forward. This is because with preventative medicine you are able to essentially treat diseases before they become too far advanced to control. This has a high amount of benefits and a high yield because this allows you to treat a disease before it comes untreatable. Many diseases fit into this category as medical science has not progressed evenly with all sectors of medicine.

Dartington Crystal Glasses

Part of being a good host is giving your guests the best there is to offer by way of wine glasses, and you will not go wrong if you choose to go with Darington crystal. Crystal glasses have been with us for more than 5 centuries now and they continue to be top of the range when it comes to wine and champagne glasses. Darington crystal glasses are unique because of the materials that go into making them – on top of the usual materials that make glass they are infused with additional elements that make them stronger.

Back when they were first invented this element was mainly lead oxide. It made the glass stronger, allowing it to be blown thinner and also to achieve more intricate etchings. However as time went by the harmful effects of lead oxide were realized and it was replaced with other equally effective but less harmful elements. Today, crystal glasses contain very little lead oxide if any – the ones that you see in the shop are perfectly safe to use.

Crystal glasses are unique not just because of how thin they are but also because of their clarity – if you are not convinced try and compare one made out of ordinary glass and one made of crystal – you will see a big difference. The special materials also make them the perfect glasses for making a toast – they make a sound that you will not get with ordinary glass.

These glasses are usually designed to be slimmer at the top and wider at the bottom. This isn’t just so that they can look elegant; a slimmer top allows the aromas of the wine to stay while a wider bottom allows for it to breathe and taste even better.

Try Darington’s crystal glasses today – they come in a wide selection but all of them are perfect for elegant dining.