Excellent Hypnotherapy Surrey Services

As a Surrey resident who is looking to have better mental health, one of the therapies that you should look into is hypnotherapy. For a long time this treatment has been viewed as voodoo mumbo-jumbo but the truth is that today science is showing that hypnotherapy is delivering real benefits in mental health. It is best to start by defining what hypnosis is. It is the state of focusing all your mental energy on your subconscious to help you overcome fears and problems that your conscious mind has to deal with every day. According to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, hypnotherapy can have the following benefits:

•    If you have been having trouble sleeping one way to deal with it is to listen to a hypnotic suggestion tape before bedtime. Researchers have monitored brain activity in women who have listened to a tape and those who haven’t while they take a one and a half hour nap and found that those who had listened to the hypnotic suggestion tape had less brain activity which means they rested better.

•    Although scientists don’t know exactly why, hypnosis has been shown to reduce Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Two groups of sufferers of the condition were tested for a 12 week period and those who had been undergoing hypnotherapy showed more than a 70% improvement in symptoms.

•    The same happen for women who were suffering hot flushes. Those who underwent hypnosis were able to show more than a70% improvement in hot flushes.

•    Hypnosis is quite powerful when it comes to dealing with pain. It has been shown to work for women who are giving birth, arthritis sufferers and even cancer.

•    Hypnosis is also useful for people who are battling additions. Addiction is basically your conscious mind telling you that you must get the object of your addiction. By focusing on your subconscious mind you will be able to deal with this belief at the deepest level.

•    You can lose weight permanently through hypnosis – it will help you deal with overeating, eating the wrong foods and also on your self esteem.

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